Life Happens...and Then Someone Is Murdered and Changes Everything!!

First let me start by thanking all the people who have subscribed to me and have waited patiently for me to start my blog. I'm new at this and I don't ever want to offend anyone but I know I probably will and that is OK because that is life and life is not always agreeing with the next person.

There are things happening now in this country, and around the world that I never thought I would see in my lifetime...but yet, here it is! First things first and that is the virus, a virus that makes not one bit of sense in the way it kills or doesn't kill the ones you think will not make it. Some people think the virus is a conspiracy by the government that has either gotten out of control and they no longer can contain it. Or it has been done on purpose to eradicate certain people. I don't know who came up with the idea it is a conspiracy because every government around the world would have to be in on it. No signs that that is the case with the exception of China where it all began in the first place. My argument about the government being behind it just does not make logical sense on the standpoint of all the money that they are spending on top of the money they are losing. The numbers just off of tax dollars lost I'm sure are in the billions by now and rising. The economy was good and people either had a common goal of loving Trump or hating Trump. It makes no sense that that would be reason for the government to be behind what could only be called a mass murder by sheer number of deaths alone. (FYI, just a side note, when Trump says we have the lowest number of deaths he is referring to the percentage of deaths vs. number of people in country and that has us at less than 1%...When the Media talks about the highest number of deaths they are referring to the number of deaths and not the percentage. So in reality they are both correct facts). The country I know and love would not put her people at such risk and on top of that they would not spend the money to keep people at home. The loans, the unemployment, paying for all the testing to be done. I can't even imagine what the country has spent and we actually probably only know the half of it.

The virus already had the country in turmoil and was affecting the Black and Hispanic communities harder than other cultures. We hadn't even gotten into the rythem of social distancing or wearing mask when a White cop took it upon himself to become the judge, the jury and the executioner of a Black man named George Floyd. That forever changed the history of America and the way police treat black men. The death of this man was filmed and was recorded and played over and over again on the news for all the world to see the terrible death of this huge man calling out "I can't breathe" and calling out for his "momma". I have never been so horrified and saddened in my life at what I had witnessed on my phone. How could that happen with so many people around screaming at them they were killing him. The cop who took George Floyd's life deserves no recognition and his name is not worth mentioning and the other three men that helped in killing him deserve no less than life in prison. I hope the man who had his knee across his neck for almost 9 mins. 8mins 43secs to be exact. True justice would be to see him hang from the end of a rope until dead but I know that will not happen...and because they are not charging him with first degree the death penalty is off the table. I think it should be put back on because these two men knew each other, they worked at the same bar as security. Another man that worked with them said the two men had been arguing only a short time before the incident happened but a week later he retracted the story and said it was not George that got into it with the office but another, "Black man at work". I'm sorry but I call BS on that because George Floyd was a large man....6'6" maybe 6'8" I can't remember which one but either way that is a big man. I doubt a black man that worked with him would have mixed him up with another black man at work. I'm just not buying it.

Through his death a lot of change has happened. But a lot of it is WRONG! They made a martyr out of a man that spent his life being a thug! He was 17 running from the law in a stolen car, later on he did a home invasion on a pregnant woman whom he put a gun into her stomach so she wouldn't move while his buddies and him after he handed the gun to another thug and told him to shoot her in the stomach if she moved, ransacked her home looking for drugs and money of which they found none. That was the reason he spent 10 years in jail. I understand that people can and do change but remember he was high on meth the day he was arrested and then murdered. I don't excuse what the cop did but one does not have anything to do with the other. There was another young black man that was murdered last year. He went to the store to buy his brother a tea and someone said he looked suspicious and called the law. When they stopped him he tried to tell them he was a pacifist and hadn't done anything wrong. Next thing you know they are on top of him and by the time someone realizes he's not moving and they call paramedics he's brain dead and died two days later in the hospital. So if they are going to exult someone it should be him...Say His Name...ELIJAH McCLAIN!!!! That is who is deserving of having his name and face plastered all over, not George Floyd. The people behind these movements make little to no sense. Since when did it become ok to tear up and burn down a town because your angry? Since when did we start erasing history just because we don't like what it said? Why is America the only country that is suffering because of past slavery issues when ALL countries had slaves? I understand there needs to be change and a whole lot of it but I'm not sure change is going in the right direction. I keep hearing that black people are shot at a disproportionate rate and based off the number of blacks there are that would be correct. The black population is only 13% of the country and they make up about 30% of people shot by police. However, white people make up about 50% of the people shot by cops. Now I understand there are a lot more white people in the country but is that how it should be calculated and looked at? I don't think it is. I believe what needs to be studied is how many people that commit crimes are white, how many are black, how many Hispanic and how many are other. Out of the crimes committed where someone was shot out of those how many shot were black and how many shot were white, etc. If there are any that are shot outside of a crime being committed like Elijah McClain where he did NOTHING wrong, then that needs to be in a category also. But without using those statistics then there is no way of really knowing if blacks are being shot more than anyone else. If half all people shot by police are white and I'm assuming that is because they make up about half the crime rate.

I really hope I have not offended anyone because that is not my intent. My intent is to just bring this crazy world and complicated life down to something more simple to understand and this is just my way of working out what is going on and trying to make some sense of it. I know a lot of people will not agree with my analogy of actually looking at the crimes committed only instead of the percentage of people they make up in the country. I just think one has nothing to do with the other. If my blog does nothing else I hope it will make you think and then come up with your own conclusions as to what you think is fair and just in the corrupt place in time we are living right now.

Please let me know what you think and I assure you I will discuss an array of topics, not all as depressing as this one. I would appreciate your feedback and any advice you may want to share. Also if you have a story you want to share just send it to my email address and I will see that it gets posted. I will not censure anything or make changes to anything you want to publish as long as it is appropriate for all viewers.

I look forward to putting out a new blog at least once a week, maybe more often once I get it worked into my routine...(and I finish the remodel in my kitchen), that is a blog in itself. I do hope to hear from each of my subscribers and will make every effort to respond to anyone that writes me. Thank you for reading my blog and have a blessed weekend!

Still Grateful To Be Living In the USA